Medical Titanium Alloys

Tiger International(Shanghai)Co. - Ltd offers Medical Titanium Alloys in the form of bar - wire - sheet - tube - and precision medical components for surgical implant applications. Medical Titanium Alloys ( Medical Nitinol) Medical Tita

roof top tower

We are a professional steel tower manufacturer. Our company located in NINGBO with a deep water port-NINGBO PORT. And our company was founded in 1993. We have gained wider experence in mufacturing and fabricationg steel towers. Our products are b

حديد مستعمل

السلام عليكم اعرض عليكم مائة ألف طن من الخردوات الحديدية بسعر معقول موجودة بالجزائر فعلى الراغبين في شراءها الاتصال بي عبر الهاتف او المسنجر و شكرا

Aluminum Milk Cans

We supply Aluminum Cans, Pot widely used in various industry, such as food industry(milk, liquid,water),medicine, chemical, electric etc. Features: -Aluminum Cans with lid available in1,2,3, 5, 10, 16,20, 25,30,32.5,40 & 50 litre capacity -Mate

pipe valves

Pipe valves are a popular category in pipe fittings . Pipe valves are mechanisms or devices to regulate or control the flow of liquid or gas within a pipe. While some valves are used to regulate the rate of flow - there are others that are used to

قصدير و زئبق للبيع

يوجد لدينا مواد مثل الزئبق القصدير بالأضافة الى معامل النيون والطرنساة وجميع مواد الخطاطين مع تحياتي للجميع بالتوفيق
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