Novel translation from English to Arabic

تاريخ نشر الاعلان : في : 09/06/2013
تاريخ نشر الاعلان : الدولة : كندا, Ottawa
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Looking for a motivated insightful creative writer who would write/re-write my novel, a Memoir that I wrote in English. A writer who is familiar with the Palestinian cause, politics, culture , and historical background and who is able to work and respond on a short notice. My memoir, traces the life of a Palestinian family from a village in the early 1900s to present. It also examines the impact of occupation on our lives and our connection to the land. In my English novel, I artfully demonstrated how both the occupier and occupied fall victims to this confilict and painted a picture of the magnitude of its effect on Palestinians. This is briefly is whats the story about. If you are able to help me, email me I am very busy, work and think very fast, looking for someone who would produce communications to me very quickly I can read and understand Arabic, so you are free to write me back

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Rafe Abdulla الاسم
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يرجى توخي الحذر عند التعامل مع أي معلن لا يوفر معلومات مؤكدة . قم بنفسك بالاجراءات الواجبة للتمييز بين المشترين و البائعين قبل القيام بأي اتفاق معهم ,
من أجل عملية تجارية ناجحة لا ترسل أموال أو معلومات بنكية لأي بائع عبر الإنترنت أو ويسترن يونيون .