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7 th ,January,2013
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HLBS is one of the very first company in engaged in automatic slack adjuster, we started to supply it to China market in 2000 after assimilated and improved the technology from abroad. HLBS currently is the certificated supplier of OEM, such as Xiamen King Long Bus, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus and Baotou Bei Ben Truck, etc. and we are also the standard supplier of first tier, such as Dongfeng Dana Axle, Fangsheng Axle. By developing and expanding for decade, we set up an automatic assembly line, its capacity reach to 200,000 sets and contain all kinds of commercial vehicle, more than 200 categories. HLBS had gained 2 national patents and our product types included unidirectional spring clutch, unidirectional bearing and double worm gear.
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Gary Hu

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