Certificated by TUumlV SUumlD new upgrated V f vector control frequency inve

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16 th ,October,2015
- الصين, Shanghai
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Based on DSP control system, Goodrive200A inverters apply V/f vector control and various protections to control asynchronous motors. The air duct, hardware and software have been greatly improved for better environment adaptability, operation and reliable quality certificated by TـV SـD.
High performance
1. More Accurate Motor Autotuning;
2. Advanced open loop vector control;
3. Perfect voltage and current control, reducing the fault protection times;
4. Multiple braking modes and instant stopping.
Multi-function with simple operation
1. Separate Air-duct;
2. Multiple installation modes;
3. Optional built-in C3 input filters, optional external C2 filters;
4. Book structure;
5. The rivet design ensures reliable integration connection;
6. Smaller Size;
7. Membrane keypad design (which can be connected to external keypads) is available for inverters (=15kW); swappable keypads are standard for inverters (=18.5kW);
8. High Performance Keypad;
9. Embedded braking units of 0.75-30kW inverters, Reduce the occupied space and decrease the cost;
10. Supporting common DC bus;
11. Available on DC power supply;
12. Function of water supply.
Reliable quality certificated
1. The product design follows IEC national standards and passes the CE test certification;
Each Goodrive200A inverter has past the test certification.
2. Advanced thermal technology makes exact thermal design;
3. Wide voltage range meets the requirement of grid environment;
4. Perfect and reliable test system ensure products adapt complicated site environments.
INVT is the only manufacturer achieved ACT certificate of TـV SـD .The full name of ACT is Acceptance of Clients Testing, which means the German TـV SـD admit the technology level of the lab and accept their separate testing data and test reports officially.
High performance, multi-function with simple operation and reliable quality certificated by TـV SـD.
Air compressor, Oil, Warming and water supply, Plastics machine, Mine, Fans and water pumps.

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