DR Series Communication DC Power Supply

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2 nd ,July,2015
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DR series Communication DC Power supply adopts excellent modular design, made it has small sizes with sufficient power for communication use. It meets the requirement of rack-mounted installation; therefore, it is applicable to the occasions with wide power range, such as exchange, motor room, base station, satellite communication, data communication, railway and power supply system. At the same time,,This power supply is Easy to operation, install and maintain.
1. Rectifier module adopts active power factor compensation technology and the power factor reaches 0.99;
2. Standard height: 2U, weight of single module: 2.4KG; output current: 33A; high power density;
3. Rectifier module adopts dual soft-switching technology, so when the load is 10%, the efficiency achieves 91%; when the load is 50%, the efficiency achieves at least 96%;
4. Scientific battery protection management and load-shedding power-drop management ; 2-level low-voltage disconnect, and the user is able to disconnect general load as the first step and disconnect major load as the second step so as to achieve good protection of load and battery;
5. Rectifier module and monitoring module adopt no-damage hot plugging technology for plug and play;
6. Standard RS232 communication interface; 3 dry contact alarms: emergency alarm, major alarm and general alarm;
7. Effective fault protection and alarm functions t;
8. Low radiation: rectifier module adopts advanced EMC design and meets the requirements on transmission and radiated interference as set forth in YD/T983 Limits and methods of measurement of electromagnetic compatibility for telecommunication power supply equipment.
9. Flexible structure, support capacity expansion, compatible with various power systems according to user’s demand.

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