ECS Brake Parts

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29 th ,April,2016
- تركيا, Konya
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Welcome in your Company:
ECS Brake Parts.
Our company, known as ECS BRAKE PARTS Automotive, was established in 2011, is head quartered in Konya-Turkey.
We mainly deal with exporting and manufacturing of spare parts of brakes and brakes parts, and everything related to brakes of Trucks and Buses, suitable for ((VOLVO, SCANIA, RENAULT, DAF, SCANIA, and IVECO)) brand trucks, and trailers, calipers as well Owing to our reasonable prices and good quality products we have gained confidence by our customers in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
We are able to provide our customers with especially a wide range of calipers repair kits.
Our product range is not only brakes’ parts but we are specialized in repair kits such as: KNORR, WABCO, MERITOR, HALDEX, SAF, and BPW.
Differential spare parts for the said models. In order for us to offer you the abundance of our spare parts and the suitability of our prices, it will be enough for you to advise us just the ECS reference/part numbers and the brands of the spare parts you are interested in. Waiting for your kind inquiries...
We would like to be Our Company and its products known to you.
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ECS Brake Parts

, ECS Brake Parts

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