FY 400 Fuyu Coal briquette machine

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8 th ,March,2016
- الصين, Shanghai
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Briquette machine mainly used for pressing powdery material which are difficult to molding - the character of briquette machine is high molding pressure - main engine revolution adjustable - and with a spiral feeding device. Our company specialized in the production of briquette machine with powered by the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor - use the belt pulley - cylindrical gear reducer - drive shaft by pin coupling. the drive shaft and the driven shaft of the briquette machine through a gear to ensure the synchronous operation. There is a hydraulic device behind passive bearing seat.
Our briquette machine can be used to form coal - coal fines - coal powder - charcoal powder - iron dust - gypsum powder - salt - coke - lime powder - mineral powder and soda ash. The briquette shape can be round - pillow - square - egg etc.
Raw material condition
Size should be less than 5mm
Moisture around 10%
Binder is necessary
Can be mixed with several kinds of coal
A thorough solution to environmental pollution
High yield and stable
Constant quality of ball
High efficiency and low consumption
Less investment - quick effectiveness
Significant economic benefits
Technical Parameters
Model: FY-400
Capacity: 8t/h
Roller Width: 280mm
Roller Dia: 400mm
Power: 11-15kw
Spindle Speed: 15r/min
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FOB Qingdao port: $50000/set

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