INVT High Performance Mini Vector Inverter

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16 th ,October,2015
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As a kind of mini general vector inverters, Goodrive20 series inverters adopt international advanced vector control algorithm and possess excellent functions; compatible with wall and rail installation, smaller and space-saving, Goodrive20 series inverters are high performance mini products for small power market
? New structure design
1. Mini design, smaller installation space;
2. Compatible with rail and wall installation, flexible installation manner;
3. Available multi-inverter in parallel installation, more effective space-saving.
? Easy maintenance
1. External keypad;
The standard membrane keypad supports external LED keypad and facilitates on-site applications; support external LED keypad with parameter copying, the two-keypad operating functions are convenient for commissioning control;
2. Swapple cooling fan, easy maintenance.
? Reliable QA
1. The product design strictly follows IEC international standards and passes the CE test;
2. Advanced thermal technology makes exact thermal design.
? Excellent performance
1. Excellent vector control performance;
2. Excellent motor drive performance;
3. Excellent high frequency running performance;
? Multi-function and easy to use
Name Function Illustration
485 communication interface Connect with upper computer, read and modify parameters of the inverter, control running states of the inverter Standard built-in 485 communication interface
PID Carry out PID operation on feedback signals, control output frequency of the inverter and improve target accuracy and stability; apply to pressure, flow and temperature process control Support PID output polarity switching
Motor autotuning Carry out rotation or static autotuning, improve control accuracy and response speed Include rotation autotuning and static autotuning
Simple PLC Can change the running frequency and direction automatically according to the running time set by simple PLC to meet process requirements Support multiple running modes
Multi-step speed control Can meet the requirements of speed control in different periods of time via multi-step speed control Max. available 16-step speed control
Multiple V/F curve settings Meet the requirements of fans and water pumps in energy-saving operation and various variable frequency power supplies, adapt to different load applications Linear, multi-dot, multi-power and V/F separation settings, realize flexible setting of V/F curves
Virtual terminals Can take external signals as local virtual I/O to save hardware configuration Enable the corresponding virtual terminal functions in communication mode
Delay switching on and off Provide more programming and control modes Max. switching on-off delay is 50s
Continuous running in instantaneous power off Specially apply to the situations with high requirement of continuous operation, ensure the device does not stop in instantaneous power off At transient voltage drop, the inverter can keep running by feedback energy without stop in valid time
Various protection functions Provide overall fault protection functions Protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overload, can save fault information
Optional braking modes Provide multiple braking modes, satisfy accurate and quick stop under different loads DC braking, flux braking, short-circuit braking
Battery capacity display Can display the accumulative power consumption on the inverter in no need of watt-hour meter Can check power consumption of the inverter
Product advantages
(1)Mini structure;
(2)Easy maintenance;
(3)Various installation ways;
(4)Excellent performance;
(5)Multi-function and easy to use.
Main applications
Textile machinery, Food machinery, Plastic machinery, Printing and packaging, Environmental protection equipment, Ceramic equipment, Woodworking equipment, Conveying equipment.

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