Variable Frequency Elevator Inverter

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16 th ,October,2015
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EC100 elevator intelligent integrated machine is an intelligent network product for control and drive through applying advanced variable-frequency vector control, intelligent elevator control and network communication. We strive to provide high-end, high-quality, energy-saving and safe control drive devices to the global market.
Basic Performances
1. Less and less resource during elevator installation, adjustment, application and management;
2. Speed up to 6m/s, maximum to 64 floors;
3. Intelligentized and networking group control system with up to 8 elevators;
4. High-performance starting compensate technology without load weighing sensor;
5. Advanced space vector algorithm, integrate synchronous and asynchronous encoder interface;
6. High-performance current vector control, output 180% torque in zero speed;
7. UPS emergency rescuer mode with one phase AC 220V, light load direction research.
Special Features
1. The first open type PLC controller, which can supply substitution and replacement of some inputs and outputs. It supports second development platform to the customer to make our production be individual and different;
2. Handled operator_ the separated operational interface with Chinese/English online help system. It has many features, such as adjustment authority management, adjustment record management, parameter upload/download and data copying;
3. The handled operator can connect with car control board through CAN to set parameters quickly and easily;
4. Add TCP/IP internet module for remote adjustment and remote control;
5. Remote monitoring with TCP/IP protocol, Wireless monitoring with GSM/3G.
Passenger elevator, cargo elevator, Sightseeing elevator, Hospital elevator and others elevator

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