We supply parts Accessories for heavy and medium duty trucks buses

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20 th ,February,2017
- تركيا, Istanbul
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We supply parts Accessories "for heavy and medium-duty trucks, buses, vans, pick-up trucks and special trucks.
Our companys success secret is: high quality products, reliability and best prices.
Our loyalty, enthusiasm and commitment to customer service differentiate us from other competitors.
We will be very happy to have us together and deliver their demands from the Turkish market
We will never lose sight of what matters most, needs and requirements of our customers.
There is no doubt that you have a lot of services and features that you can use them as customers اagatay is based on the distinctive approach the company, that means getting everything you want to buy from a single source:
One supplier,
Contact one person,
One invoice
One van,
High quality product,
competitive prices.
all the informations in our website.

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