XY3 Autopilot

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21 st ,March,2010
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·Itegrated GPS receiver, three-axis MEMS gyroscope, pressure altimeter.
·16-channel GPS receiver, 4Hz output, 35 seconds fast positioning time and accuracy of 2.5 meters CEP.
·33HZ attitude inner loop control, 4HZ outer navigation controls.
·Mltiple-channel hybrid control output can be easily adjust the mixture control. Ajust neutral position just in time
·Three control modes: augmentation remote control, smart remote control and automatic navigation control.
·Three kinds of automatic navigation control modes: fixed flight mode, the mouse pointing flight patterns and route navigation mode.
·The ground station contains electronic map function software that can change the route and tasks online, real-time semi-autonomous remote control and can be real-time flight data recording and offline playback.
·Automatic and manual remote control integration, higher reliability and practicality, can compatible with all common facilities of RC remote control, and improve the fuction of servo output checking and remote protection.
·Available online to adjust and save all the control parameters, with stand-alone parameter adjustment software which is easy to use.
·Real-time telemetry flight data and records all telemetry data.
·Contains the control voltage monitoring, electric aircraft power voltage monitoring, GPS accuracy of detection, autopilot temperature detection and so on.
·Support RS-232 interface levels.
·Volume is 100 × 43 × 25mm, weight is 75 grams, power is .
·Automatic navigate and pilot small and medium aircraft of non-layout form such as Regular, V tail, lifting flaps, ailerons and others.
·A variety of automatic navigation and driving.
·High-precision real-time data acquisition, image location of synchronization in the process of flying.
Technology Specifications
All refering value is at room temperature 25
Main supply voltage
Provide RC receiver power supply
Main Supply Current
.2V power supply
Height measurement range
GPS ground speed measurement range
GPS navigation accuracy level
Height and precision of pressure
Air Points can be set
Output Control Surface Servo
Output throttle feeder
Servo Output Resolution
Servo Output Resolution
Attitude PID control rate
Navigation control PID rate
Track data telemetry frequency
Mission data telemetry frequency

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