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We are manufacture of gypsum ceiling tiles and suspended ceiling system, our factory located in the Shandong province, China . we can produce 100containers gypsum ceiling tiles and 20,000 sheets gypsum wall board every month. We started our business in 1982, now has more than 300 workers in our Shandong factory, for more detail please
contact us.
Our products are 100
environmentally friendly, we has exported to Japan , USA , Europe, Australia , etc. we baier is a Shandong famous brand; we have ISO9001 system, ASTMC1396 test report.
We hope we can have a good cooperation with you, any of your inquiry will be highly token cared.
We use containers for export, many sizes are available, we can produce upon your inquiry. For the detailed request, kindly please feel free to contact us with your most convenient way,
Name: Mr. Clark
Msn: [ إنظر بيانات الاتصال ]
Tel: 86
Address: ziqiu, pingyi linyi Shandong , China
Zip: 273305
S d baier building materials co.,ltd (sd : shandong )
Thanks for your kind attention.
1,Gypsum wall board
Length:1800mm;1830mm(6feet);2400mm; 2440mm(8feet);2700mm;2800mm;3000mm;3050mm;3660mm;4000mm;6000mm
Edge: square edge; tapped edge; etc
2) Quality
Quality standard: ASTMC1396 and GB/T9775-1999
Quality assurance: assurance available.
3) packing
Two pieces face to face together sealed with paper tape,
Load 20 containers about 20------25tons per container
4) feature
Good for drywall,partition, large area ceiling. Depart wall, and for easy-dry-construction
2, PVC laminated gypsum ceiling board
Gypsum ceiling tiles
1) Specification:
Popular Size:
(1) Length and width
603x1212mm, etc
(2)Thickness: 7.5mm, 8.0mm, 8.5mm, 9.0mm, 9.5mm, 12.0mm, etc
(3)Backing: aluminum foil backing or paper backing
(4) Surface: all kind of design and color PVC sheets
Shrink foil carton, 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 pieces per carton
Loading: 20 containers FCL
3) Detailed Product Description
The PVC vinyl laminated plaster ceiling tiles are made of high quality paper-faced gypsum boards with laminated vinyl sheet of many patterns and aluminum foil on back. So it has good performances of fire-proof, moisture-proof, anti-sag and good appearance. It is a environmental friendly product. it is used as the ceiling of airport and subway building, hotel, office building, college, hospital, medicine workshop, residence house and other places under decoration etc.
4) Features:
1) Easy to process and maintain
2) Different sizes, different thicknesses, all kinds of designs colors
3) Anti-fire water-proof, anti-sag, environmental friendly.
4) Light weight, easy for transporting.
5) Heat retaining ability and performance.
6) Environment protection product: Adopting natural gypsum material free of any harmful material.
7) Sound insulating: effectively solve sound insulation and fire proof.
8) No deforming, no cracking, keeping long time integrity and sound insulation in normal living environment.
9) Expansion ability, little coefficient expansion performance.
10) Special breathing performance, making your live environment more comfortable.
Mainly used in the indoor decoration of super class buildings such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls theaters, danceries, cinemas, stations, auditoriums, offices, sitting rooms, business buildings, electronic workshops, precision apparatus rooms airport, library, schools, etc.
3 t-grid
T--grid ceiling framework system
1). Detailed Product Description
T--grid could be divided into baking finish keel and Light steel keel. Baking finish keels are pressed into models from zinc plate, the snowflake plank and color-painted steel strip. There are many different sizes and three kinds. Widely used in many kinds of construction decoration.
Light steel keel is a load-bearing keel whose main materials are cold-rolled sheet and galvanized board. And it adopted cold-formed production technology, widely used in partition wall and ceiling.
2). Available models:
Main tee:
Length: 3.6m
Cross tee:
26mm * 24mm* 0.3*0.6/1.2m,
30mm* 24mm*0.3*0.6/1.2m
Wall angle:
24mm* 24mm *0.4mm,
22mm* 22mm *0.4mm
Length: 3m
1) Available Thickness: 0.26mm - 0.50mm
2) Classification: Plane T-grid, Groove T-grid
3) Color: ivory-white, white
4) The specifications and colors can be provided in accordance with customers requirements.
Light steel keel is a load-bearing keel whose main materials are cold-rolled sheet and galvanized board. And it adopted cold-formed production technology, widely used in partition wall and ceiling.
3). Characteristics:
Thermo stabilization, resistant to rust, light weight, and the intensity are higher than the national standard. Ceiling t-grid matches with PVC laminated gypsum ceiling board can give you a very beautiful ceiling.
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