iSVG Series High Voltage Static Var Generator

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2 nd ,July,2015
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iSVG series high-voltage static var generator has a self-commutated bridge circuit, which is composed of IGBT modules and is connected in parallel via electric reactor. The user is able to adjust the phase position and amplitude of AC output voltage in bridge circuit or control AC side current, so that the circuit absorbs or generates reactive current and realize dynamic reactive compensation.
iSVG series adopts advanced chained topological structure, therefore, it supports redundancy operation and has high reliability. The control system has three cores (DSP+ FPGA+ARM) for digital processing; therefore, it features quick response, good self-protection and communication ability. iSVG series is easy to maintain via front maintenance structure design and helps to ease maintenance workload, and it can be installed against the wall to save floor space.

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