vfdCHE100 series Sensorless Vector Control Inverter

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CHE100 series inverter adopts DSP control system which supplies sensorless vector control and V/f control. Market positioning focuses on the OEM clients at middle and low end market. The performance of CHE series is more perfect and stable. It is widely applied in Pump &Fan, some applications with high speed control accuracy, rapid torque response and high performance at low frequency.
CHE100(vfd)series sensorless vector control inverter can achieve high toqure at low speed and prompt response based on DSP.
Technical Features
1.Control mode:Sensorless vector control, V/f control, torque control
2.Start-up torque: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC)
3.Built-in breaking unit for 0.4kW to 11kW. If need to stop rapidly, please connect the brake resistance directly.
4.Multi-step (8 steps) speed control: PID control; Traverse control
5.Offer 4 multi-functional digital inputs,2 analog inputs,1 relay output,1 analog output,1 open-collector output.
6.AVR: Can output constant voltage automatically when input voltage is fluctuating.
7.Offer RS485 serial communication interface, adopt Modbus standard Modbus.
8.External keypad: LED or LCD is optional.
CHE 100 series (Output frequency range is 0-400V):
Textile machinery, Plastic machinery, ceramic machinery, electric machinery, numerical control machine, foodstuff processing machinery,etc.

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