Cats for Sale Amar Shirazi cats and the Egyptian Mau

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We specialize in breeding and the breeding and breeding animals - especially pet cats Alcherazip and strain of the Egyptian Mau breed:
1 - We have a small cat Shirazi age at weaning Alayae Ward abroad gradient colors from white to gray and light the runway face Facebook states and the Half bacon legs short hair profuse watery eyes domestic breeding they are a vivid picture of the General Specifications for the authenticity of nature.
2 - as well as our breed Egyptian Mau - one of the most popular types of cats in the world and Andarham where our parents and Ward abroad hybridization and breeding Egyptian there is abundance of small cats rare colors colors
A - Smoked
B - bronze
C - silver
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e - m : [ إنظر بيانات الاتصال ] ----------- phone: (002/0112423859 -or- 002/0181968168) amr

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Cats for Sale Amar Shirazi cats and the Egyptian Mau

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