Baby Balloons for Babys Accessories Co

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Baby Balloons founded in 1996 located in Cairo , specialized in babys accessories so we are an Egyptian growing company manufacturing several items of fabric babys accessories.
Baby Balloons products are distributed in more than 130 Egyptian shops. We started with 2 items in 1996 then now we have more than 14 items in several colors and still growing.
Our factory covers an area of about 300 m2 and has more than 35 employees. We have a professional and experienced team, able to create updated products.
Our products vary between Carry cots, Diaper bag, Changing Matt, Feeding bottles bag; Feeding bottle cover, Baby carrier, Baby bed sheet, Baby bed quilt, Baby bedsides and Baby sleeping bag. We have 2 price categories of products in 8 colors. We always use a good quality of Egyptian cotton especially in bed products. We have a future plan to manufacture wood baby beds and metal play yards.
Our products have a new taste as it is a mix between hand made way and machine way according to the modern technology.
We exported to Saudi Arabia many times and looking for all the Gulf area and the Arabian countries to reserve our rank in the export world map.
Should you have any interests in our new and existing products or you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.
Babys accessories is our culture, Babys accessories is Baby Balloons

Baby Balloons for Babys Accessories Co
هاتف   : هاتف : 02 4921201
fac   : فاكس : 4504845
الدولة مصر ,, Cairo
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Carrycot, Diaper bag, Changing matt, Feeding bottles bag, Feeding bottle cover, Baby carrier, Baby bed sheet, Baby bed quilt, Baby bedsides, Baby sleeping bag
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مصر  البلد
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