Blue Forest Art Gallery

Blue Forest Arts Gallery is specialized in handmade oil painting for more than
9 years,which is located in Wushipu Oil Painting Village in Xiamen city where
is one of Oil Painting Industrial center in China.
We are equipped with experienced and skilled artists who are very richful and
professional in various of oil paintings. All the specifications,themes and styles
are available from our gallery with competitive price in the market.
Now the Oil paintings are used widely,
Gift on Christmas and Other festivals even the Birthday.
Decorative products use in hotel,house,office,public place etc.
Both stock and instant orders are available. OEM order are welcome!
Please visit our website: for more informaiton.
If you have any inquiries,just send the intereting pictures to us which you want to
paint on canvas,as well as the required size and quailty,we will quote the best price to you.

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الدولة الصين,, Xiamen
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Oil Paintings,
Hand Painted oil paintings,
Wooden Frame
Portrait Painting,
Animal painting
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