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Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Co., Ltd is a professional leading manufacturer of oil purifiers and oil testers. We have tremendous strength in the fields of research, development and manufacturing with professional mass-production ability, perfect sales network, excellent after-sales service as well as a perfect image we earned in the competitive market.
Our main products are: Insulting oil purifier, turbine oil purification machine, hydraulic oil purifier, lubricating oil filtration machine, transformer oil filtering machine, fuel oil restoration, steam-turbine Oil reconditioner, dielectric fluid regeneration system, vircuit-breaker oil recovering system, compressor oil recovering machine, gear oil renewal machine, coolant oil treatment, quenching oil reclaiming machine, oil and water separator, steel-rolling oil regeneration equipment, waste automobile oil Recycling Equipment, petroleum machine and oil Tester, etc.
Top Oil Purifiers are widespread in the fields of Electric Power, Petrifaction, Mineral, Shipbuilding, Steel Construction, Bridge, Automobile and Railway, playing a great role in the way of reducing energy consumption for the clients and meanwhile the environmental pollution.
The company takes the mission of existing on the basis of quality as well as developing in regard to technical innovation, introduces foreign advanced technology of vacuum oil purifying, moreover, continues researching and manufacturing the oil purifying equipments that available both in the domestic and international market.
‘Not Best, Only Better’ . Top will as always make great effort to provide you the better oil purifying equipments.

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Our oil filtration machine:   Series ZY Single-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Series ZYD Double High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Series ZYB Multiply-Function insulating oil treatment machine Series TY Turbine Oil Purification ApparatusSeries TYA Lubricating oil/ hydraulic oil purification unit Series TYB Portable light Fuel oil purification machine Series TYD Vacuum dehydrator Series TYF Phosphate ester fire-resistance oil purifier Series PL Plate pressure oil purifier Series TYD Vacuum dehydrator Series EFD Explosion protection filtration machine Series BAM Press filtration system Series ZKCC Vacuum pumping device Series COP Cooking oil purification machine Series CYS Centrifugal oil purification machine Series JL Portable oil filtering and oiling machine   Our oil tester/ analyzer: Series IIJ-II Insulating oil breakdown strength tester(oil BDV tester)
Series HTJS-H Insulating oil dielectric tester (dielectric loss tester for insulating oil)
Series HTJS-V Tan-Delta Tester (anti-jamming dielectric loss tester for HV electrical equipment)Series TP-3A Water content tester/ moisture sensor Series TPV-8 Viscosity analyzer Series TPC-2100 Flash point analyzer (close cup) Series TPO-2100 Flash point analyzer (open cup) Series CL-3 Interfacial tension analyzer
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