We have large-type grinding tools to produce latex tubes: a) High elasticity latex tubes that are widely used for exercisers, slingshots and fishing spears; b) Latex tubes for medical equipment. Our products are featured by rich varieties with various specs, rational structure and patentability. We also can make products upon data, technology, spec, or samples that customers provide. With quality products at rational prices, advanced technology and thoughtful services, we have established steady cooperative relationships with large enterprises at home and abroad and exported products to more than twenty countries and regions, including the USA, Europe and South Korea.
With good reputation and powerful technical strength, Xinhan serves each customer sincerely. The Chairman and General Manager, Jin Shidai, with the whole staff, sincerely welcomes your visit for cooperation.

هاتف   : هاتف : 86 13780660794
fac   : فاكس : 86 532 87752715
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We specilize in latex tubing and latex tubing exercier, bungee loops and harness, speargun, swimming training exerciser, fitness circles, etc.
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