Mobile Foam Concrete Mixing Equipment

AERCRETE 625 – Capacity
• AERCRETE 625 can produce up to 25m 3 /hour.
• With the aid of the built-in pump, concrete can be pumped up to 200m horizontally and 30m vertically.
AERCRETE 625 - Control system
The whole machine is monitored by a computerised control system with the help of which it is possible to:
• Raise and lower the support legs which
are used to set up the machine hydraulically.
• Administer formula for production of AERCRETE FC.
• Calibrate the density of concrete and various ballast.
• Monitor production and adjust the speed.
AERCRETE FC – The process
In order to be able to regulate the density of the finished concrete, foam is added that forms sealed air bubbles in AERCRETE FC.
The foam is mixed into the concrete mechanically; no fermentation or autoclaving is employed. This has many advantages:
• Mobile casting.
• Regulates the density with great precision.
• Constant production as no autoclaving is required, makes it easy to produce the right amount and makes building production more efficient.
Various specialists are linked to AERCRETE in:
• Chemistry.
• Construction technology.
• Concrete research.
• Machine technology and production technology.
AERCRETE FC consists of:
• Cement
• Sand
• Water
• Air
• Foam agent Aercell A-7
AERCRETE FC is a light and stable concrete which is both strong and insulating.
AERCRETE FC for the house
• A house can either be built on site in prefabricated moulds or shipped in large building blocks.
• When you build a house of AERCRETE FC, no additional insulation is required because of all the air in the concrete.
• The surface of the concrete is easy to work into the desired structure.
• Drilling and finishing treatment can be done simply with the aid of machines or hand tools.
AERCRETE FC for roads
AERCRETE FC is the optimum alternative for:
• Levelling and load-relieving the ground.
• Building road foundations and wearing surfaces.
AERCRETE FC for soil

Mobile Foam Concrete Mixing Equipment
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