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About us
Shanghai Ansion pharma Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech pharmaceutical and chemical company integrating development, production, sales, and customization for pharmaceutical intermediates, API, chiral compounds etc.. We have provided CMO and custom synthesis services for many famous pharmaceutical companies, drug research institutions and universities. With the steady development for several years, company has won a series of brilliant achievements. Our customers are from all over the world. We has not only established a good brand image on the basis of well experienced for international trade, steady customer base and perfect marketing service network, but also has a good relationship with customers with our good products and professional services.
Quality Control:
All of Ansions products have been strictly inspected to ensure the excellent quality. This inspection is not only starting from the raw material, but also audit the supplier who provide the key material.
We strictly comply with cGMP and ISO9001 during the whole manufacturing process. To ensure the accuracy of the analysis results, we have a whole training program for related staff and more advanced analytical instruments for our chemists.
Our Team:
Ansion pharmas development team are composed of doctors, masters and undergraduates from domestic universities who studying in organic chemistry, chemical engineering etc. All of them have a rich work experience especially for the advanced pharmaceutical intermediates’ synthesis and API research.
Today For you
Our service is "quality first, reputation first", our product is: "excellence, constant innovation".

هاتف   : هاتف : 86-21-34710237
الدولة الصين ,, Shanghai
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We provide API , pharmaceutical intermediate and custom synthesis services.
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