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Qingdao Shenghuang Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd was established in the 90s of the last century, which is a professional manufacturer of plastic & rubber machinery.
Our main product is rubber & plastic foaming production line which can be used to produce NBR/PVC foam thermal insulation pipe/sheet, sealing strip, handle, sheath, profiles and common rubber products etc. Also, our product range includes XPE chemical cross-linking foam board production line, rubber vulcanization equipment, extrusion equipment and mould, etc.
Furthermore, we supply various NBR/PVC foam profiles, pipes and hoses which can be applied in the protection accessories of construction tool, medical equipment and gym facilities, etc. In fact, this new hi-tech synthetic material also has thermal and sound insulation feature, thus the application area is extremely broad.
We have more than ten years experience in machinery manufacture and production management and put in relentless effort in research and development of products. Our aim is that our customers, as well as the consumers, can all reap the benefits of our continuous improvement. Our forte is providing cost-effective production solutions to fit individual client’s exact machinery needs and process requirements.
We have the independent right of import and export. Our products are sold at home and abroad and have gained a good reputation among our clients.
To us, the quality of the product and customer service is the life of our company and innovation is the driving force of development, we will continue to strive for the best and reward our clients’ long-term support and trust by better products and service.

Shenghuang Industry Science Technology Co Ltd
هاتف   : هاتف : 86
fac   : فاكس : 0086-532-58982091
الدولة الصين ,, Qingdao
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Rubber plastic foaming machinery,
NBR/PVC foaming production line,
XPE insulation pipe/sheet production line
Rubber & Plastic Machinery,
NBR/PVC Foam Products
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