drive yourself F1 racing cars on original F1 race tracks in Europe

Dear Sir`s; Ladys and Gentleman;
Transflights is a Limousine- and Flight company in Germany, located close
to Frankfurt/Main Airport and we would like to introduce our company.
Our business fields:
a) Limousine- and flight transportation in Germany and all over Europe.
b) VIP treatment, logistic services while VIP Clients are visiting
c) "Drive to the Limit" for VIP Clients
drive yourself Formula 1 racing cars.
on original Formula 1 Race tracks in Europe.
Do you want the experience the thrill and excitement of F1 racing
To feel the power of accelleration as you guide one of the world
racing machines through the turns of a professional track.
"Drive to the Limit" on original F1 Grand prix circuits in Europe.
Transflights brings you the chance to do just that - and handles all the
details from the flight from your home airport, to helicopter,
limousine and chauffeur, stylish hotel and gourmet meals. We will
the experience with photos and video. This experience of a lifetime can
be yours.
d) our sister company First Class Health
Health checks and medical treatments in Germanys best clinics.
For information in details, please check links above.
We are looking for clients from Egypt.
Thank you very much for your time an best regards from Germany.
Gerd Gruenewald
Head and Founder of Transflights
Limousines, Flights & Horsecarridges
Wartbergstrasse 13
55232 Alzey, Germany
tel. 0049 6731 - 999230
Fax. 0049 6731 - 999279
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هاتف   : هاتف : 49
fac   : فاكس : 0049 6731 999279
الدولة ألمانيا,, Alzey
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