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Syria was crossing point of culture, trading and passageway of trading caravans between east and west, and center of civilization and commercial exchange.
Aleppo is remarked in its geographical site in Syria. It was the pearl of the north, and the gate of the east for every comer from Europe and Asia at the time of civilization enlarged.
All factories are mainly in need of distributing their products. This makes the companies have further significance to deliver the products to the customers, which is the most important factor.
From the point above Khawatmifood company was established to be one of the leading companies in Syria in the field of food stuff distribution and marketing.
The company was founded in 1994 for distributing goods and materials to restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. The company also deals in supplying the raw materials for factories and food stuff factories in Aleppo and other Syrian cities.
The company is specialized since establishment in distributing and supplying the raw materials to restaurants, such as, mushroom, corn, flour, sugar, juice, tea, coffee, ketchup, mayonnaze, oils, butter, Cream etc.
Varieties distributed by the Company are:
Frozen food like fish, pastries, frozen chicken, frozen beef, different kinds of Mortadella (Italian sausage).
All these products are available to our customers through the Internet. Just fill the order and send to our e-mail.
The company has a appointed distinguished stuff of agents and cars furnished for this purpose.
With ambition to develop the company to be one of the most prominent marketing and distribution companies in Syria.

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