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The profile of party tent just as vault of heaven with profound and ambitions internality Archy tent matches with temporary exhibition hall, passage, all kinds of gatherings and other environment, needless to say, it is the best each other
The main profile adopt high-quality hollow aluminum, make the tall and broad environment as firm as rock, towering stands
Besides, fabric with colorful decoration let outdoor space become more vibrant
And elegant matching set also paint a finishing touch for the mobile environment
The frame of the tent adopt high reinforced aluminum alloy, no pillar in the middle space The fabric adopt PVC coated-polyester, which are full UV protection, flame retardant, waterproof, and weather-resistant
The main profile of the tents adopt high reinforced aluminum alloy , GB/T-6061 or GB/T-6063 standard
The fabric adopts PVC-coated polyester, which are Full UV protection, flame retardant, waterproof, and weather-resistant
The fabric is mainly in white, transparent or not
The fix fashion is related to the installation
If the ground (cement floor, tarmac floor) can use the expansion screw to fix
Without any fee (the fee is contain in the quotation)
If the ground is the loose ground(such as the sand and grass)
If the ground cant damaged (such as marble and tile), it must use the loading system
Yashang tents safe and steady, solemn and elegantare, it suitable for structuring of every venue, flexible, and convenient
The tents can be widely used for holding different outdoor exhibitions, celebrations, business gathering, business promotions, sports affairs, tourism and leisure, industrial warehouse, military use, as well as relief, and various temporary events
Accept the baptism of wind and rain, perform infinite possibility together
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party tent
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