Furukawa Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Service

26 ,July,2010
Furukawa F series and HB G series original spare parts
F series and HB G series Rods
Moil Point,
Special rods for blont and abrasive formations with tungsten carbide bit
Front Cover,
Thrust Bush,
Thrust Ring
Through Bolts
Front Head,
Rod Pin,
Stop Pin and Front Head Pin
Seal Kits
Stopper and Dampers
As Guris for the machines we sell, we keep the original and high quality spare parts that are necessary to maintain your machines in stock. All and every spare part demand from our customers is considered in the fastest way possible and replied as soon as possible with reasonable prices. Our stocks are periodically backed up, insufficient parts and special orders are fulfilled as soon as possible with the help of the worldwide courier net All precautions to prevent possible delay problems related to shipment are taken by our expert staff.
Our Spare Parts Warehouses
Main Warehouse- Istanbul
Ostim Warehouse - Ankara
Apart from these warehouse we serve through our nationwide branches.
We have been effectively carrying out on-going improvement activities in order to answer continuously changing customer expectations and supplying high quality spare parts by establishing effective teamwork with our suppliers so that your machines’ performance increase, your operating costs reduce, and you become stronger against your competitors.
Customer Satisfaction is extremely important for us. Therefore service at Guris does not start with a malfunction. Service starts with maintenance. Since lifetime periodical checks and maintenance allow response before a problem occurs, time losses due to malfunction are minimized and operating costs are reduced.
Furukawa Hydraulic Drillers and Breakers’ maintenance, repair and overhauling processes are carried out within the Furukawa standards and with expert engineer and technical staff trained both nationally and/or internationally. Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical, Drive unit and Control systems’ maintenance, repair and testing procedures are carried out in our workshops in a guaranteed way with original and alternative spare parts and long years of proper operation of your machines is ensured. As the aftersales service department, we aim not to help out our customers only in difficult times but to be with and support them at all times. You can call our aftersales team for problems your company faces 7 / 24.

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Furukawa Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Service

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