Plastic injection tooling

13 ,February,2011
plastic injection tooling
1) Injection mould material (for core and cavity) : 718, 136H, NAK80, P20 or according to customers requirements
2) Mould structure: hydraulic cylinder, motor, ejector, slider, slope guide pillars
3) We can design product drawings and moulds drawings by software CAD, UG, PRO/E, Solidworks, Catia
4) Standard mould base with intensive cooling system
5) Mirror polished
6) Provide samples to customers for quality check and approval
7)We offer unique solutions to your products with serious quality,reasonable price
8)We sincerely welcome OEM/ODM projects without minimum requirement.
9)Packing follows the customers requirment.
10)Delivery time will be 1-5 weeks according to different products
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Lana Jin

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