water cleaning harvesters

1 ,October,2016
1)Waterweeds Harvester is usually used in river,lake,reservoir and coasts for cutting,collecting ,storing and transporting waterweeds and floating garbage.
2)The ship can not only cutting and collecting all kinds of aquatic plants,reeds,water hyacinth,but also collecting garbage,leaves and other waste in water.
3)All of the equipment of the ship can work automatically and can save much labor force for its heigh efficiency.
4)The ship,driven by hydraulic system and operated by one person,shows the characteristics of simple structure,flexible movement and easy operation,which makes it an important environment friendly machine in water cleaning.
2.Collecting Range:
1)Seabed aquatic plant
2)Water hyacinth
5)Floating algae
6)Hybrid floater
8)Alligator weed
10)aqatic Vines
12)Floating garbage
السعر :
US $50,000 - 1,000,000 / Set
تفاصيل البيع و الشراء :
US $50,000 - 1,000,000 / Set
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