BMC Line Shipping LTD is a private independent Liner which was established in the year 2003 with shipping experiences of decades with head quarters in Geneva, Switzerland- and Dubai, United Arab Emirates .
BMC Line Shipping LTD, business philosophy
focuses on the principles of honest, integrity and complete dedication to our principals.
The combination of skilled professional staff and cutting edge technology allows us to handle the needs of our customers in a proficient yet personable manner. Through our International network of own offices and business associates, we offer a range of quality assured logistical services by air, sea or road and can
Provide a package of services to suit customer’s needs.
BMC Line Shipping LTD, business core:
Apart from Liner Service , we cater the
Ship Agency
Shipping Lines Agencies
Ship Charter
Ship Chandlers
Ship Management& Operation
NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier)
Suez Canal Transit
Project Cargo Handling
Warehousing and Distribution
Freight Clearing Services
Containers Loading& Unloading Services
Sea Cargo Services
In handling cargo business BMC LINE is well established by virtue of the extensive and
vast experience of the nominated staff, who have been involved with this business for a number of years.
Contact Us:
Alex Branch:
TEL: 002 03 485 5102
Fax: 002 03 485 5108
Mob: 002 012 273 9 222
Address: 8 victor bassily Sultan Hussien
Email: [ إنظر بيانات الاتصال ]

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